Hotel Castle Liebenstein

The romantic Rhine River Valley - Rudesheim to Koblenz - UNESCO World Heritage

Nowhere else in the world you can find as many castles as close together as along the Upper Middle Rhine Valley in Germany. Beside the famous Hostile Brothers there a numerous other castles showing the importance of hte region in the medieval ages.


Coblence, Koblenz at the Rhine and Mosel

Castle Stolzenfels

Rhens and Konigsstuhl
(King chair)

Boppard, Castle Kurtrierische Burg and Roman excavations

Bad Salzig


St. Goar and Castle Rheinfels

Oberwesel and Castle Schonburg

Pfalz in the Rhine

Bacharach and Castle Stahleck

Rheindiebach and the ruins of Fort Furstenberg

Niederheimbach and  Castle Heimburg

Castle Sooneck

Trechtingshausen and Castle Reichenstein

Castle Rheinstein

Bingen on Rhein, "Mouse Tower" and Castle Klopp

Rhine River map with Castles, UNESCO World Heritage, Germany

Fortress Ehrenbreitstein in Koblenz

Lahnstein on Rhine and Lahn with Castle Lahneck

Braubach and Castle Marksburg

Kamp- Bornhofen,
Hotel Castle Liebenstein and Sterrenberg

Wellmich and Castle Maus

St. Goarshausen and Katz Castle


Kaub and Castle Gutenfels

Pfalz in the Rhine


Lorch and the ruins of Castle Nollig


Assmanns- hausen

Ehrenfels ruins

Rudesheim , Castle Bromserburg, Drosselgasse,  Niederwald- Monument